2019 Inventions


The Microsubmerger is a filtration system that combines a water pump and a filtering compartment in order to separate microplastics from water.

FEBA Smoke Rescue Device

FEBA is a compact and easy to use breathing apparatus for firefighters to carry with them.

GiV Neck Brace

The GiV neck brace allows for gradual neck movement to prevent atrophy.

EASafe Car Seat Device

EASafe is a baby seat mount that can swivel for easier loading and unloading.


The FreeSwing device uses leg movement and a generator to charge a portable battery.


The SugEx watch is a wearable glucose monitoring device.


ChemiCool is a cooling vest for first aid treatment of heat exhaustion and heat stroke without power or water.

ADAM Hand Exerciser

ADAM is a portable passive motion device for rehabilitation of fingers and the hand.

Mystic Marker

Mystic Marker allows you to make music as you draw.


PAANI is an advanced water filtration system built into a traditional sari cloth.

Baggage Free

Baggage Free is a method and apparatus to repurpose and recycle plastic bags.


Rinsecyle is a recycling bin that cleans and stores your recyclables for you.


Self-Heimlich is a wearable device that can automatically bring the Heimlich maneuver to the choking person.


DoorAssist is an at home automated door opening system for people with disabilities.

Tactile Sleeve

The Tactile Sleeve is an adaptable sleeve that helps the blind and people that lack depth perception locate their beverage more easily and prevent the cup from knocking over.


Glauptics treats existing vision loss, while also preventing further eye damage with a built in eye drop delivery system.


Seizure Safe is a system of devices to protect seizure patients from fall injuries.


Sway is a baby mattress that uses sound and pressure sensing technology to detect when the baby is having trouble sleeping. It will then rise slightly and begin to rock the baby back to sleep.


Treminate is a device to manage hand tremors while drinking from a cup or bottle.


Porta-Splint is a portable and collapsible emergency splint system so you can be medically prepared for any outdoor environment.