FibreFree is a microfiber trapping laundry ball. FibreFree holds a recyclable filter that can help prevent the catastrophic pollution caused by washing synthetic clothing.


InSpire is a bracelet that can work as a wearable asthma inhaler or carry small doses of medication.


Comfeet adjustable shoes were invented by Francis Marinez and Geri Madanguit. The shoes can expand as children’s feet grow and can use recycled footwear materials to create new shoes.

PhalHex Body Armor

PhalHex Body Armor is lightweight, modular and customizable protection designed for longboarders. It was invented by Syracuse University students Tiago Zanaga Da Costa and Lucas Lin.

LightWay Highway Wind Turbine

The LightWay Highway Wind Turbine generates power from traffic passing by on highways. It can power lighting, construction equipment or charging stations.

Panacea Mouth Cleaning

The Panacea mouth cleaning device cleans all of your teeth at once with hands-free operation. It also uses colight technology to gently whiten teeth.

Smart Surface

The SmartSurface gives people a place to put their phone when they are in a bathroom. It has a weight sensor and motion detector to alert people if they leave the stall without their phone. It also has a video screen built in so restaurants, nightclubs and hotels could offset the cost with advertising.


The Rockin’Rolla wheelchair is designed to prevent it from tipping over. It was the first place winner at the 2017 Invent@SU competition on the Syracuse University campus in 2017.


Pneu-Strength was invented by Kalia Barrow and Ruby Batbaatar. It is an inflatable cushion that helps people rise out of a chair or couch into a standing position.