2018 Inventions

L-IV Liberating Intravenous

L-IV allows patients to receive IV fluids while remaining mobile.


Halo is a cell phone-free, discreet, emergency alert system that’s aimed toward improving the safety of students both on or near a college campus.


Moment is an alternative rear-facing car seat base invented to reduce infant injury and fatality in motor vehicle accidents.


The FitPet smart pet collar monitors a pet’s vital signs including body core temperature and heart rate 24/7

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is a system to help people remember to bring important items with them.


Croot is a hands free crutch with a with a built in passive knee joint that imitates a normally functioning human leg.

Mess Away

The Mess Away cleaning device disinfects with UV-C light during the cleaning process.


BrakED is a new driver training tool that allows drivers to visualize what a proper braking distance is.


Re-UseIt is a convenient easy to use way to take out the remaining electric energy from used batteries and then recycle them.


The Breezy headset supplies fresh filtered air conveniently and easily for people who are struggling to breath clean air.


Prioritage consists of multiple arm-bands that continuously monitor patients’ vital signs and a central display monitor where EMTs can see real time updates on patients.

Artemis Wand

The Artemis Wand can help people with disabilities or back pain to pick up household items.

Towel Vac

The Towel-Vac is a fast drying towel that incorporates an internal tubing array which is connected to vacuum pump system resting on the user’s shoulders in a comfortable neck pillow.

Lift It Ladder

Lift It Ladder allows you to safely bring materials from the bottom of the ladder to wherever you need to go.


Compress-Aid is a pressure applying bandage that can be adjusted and applied with one hand.


Emergi-Can is designed to be a life-saving, automatic Narcan administrating device for opioid overdose victims.


Nello helps keep you sleeping on your back by having inflatable pods on each end of the pillow.

Safe Shut

Safe Shut is a device that automatically closes your doors in the event of a fire.


NarFan is a battery-powered fan with three flexible deflectors to redirect air around the user’s entire body and keep mosquitoes away.


PANticipate is designed to help people predict panic attacks and prevent them before they even begin.